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Maharashtra Solar: About us

Maharashtra Solar is a technology and energy company located in India. We have only been open for a few years, but the amount of preparation and commitment to providing solar panels took a long time. Today, we are proud to be one of the pioneers in solar energy here in Maharashtra. Our customers are usually homeowners who want to save money and break free from the bonds of government electricity. 

Why saving the environment is important

Nowadays, people take the planet for granted and do whatever they want with their surroundings. Tons of trash is thrown into the ocean every year and the amount of air pollution is also off the hook. Hundreds of animals are endangered or at risk of extinction because of poachers and hunters. 

The past few decades was a turning point for the human race because this was the time where the earth began to deteriorate. When man and technology began to rise, the planet began to suffer from its poor management. This is why we believe that saving the environment should be a priority no matter where you are. Take a look at some of the reasons why the environment is important: 

  1. There is only one planet earth
    Humans only have one shot at taking care of the planet. If too many trees are cut and too many animals are killed, everyone suffers as well. There also isn’t a backup planet for us to live in when this one dies. Taking care of the earth is something that will benefit everyone for a very long time. 
  2. Your grandchildren and their children will benefit from a good environment
    There will come a time when your grandchildren and their children will look out their window and either see a beautiful starry sky or a smoky haze of pollution. The answer to this scenario is up to you. No one wants a future where children are no longer able to play outside or have no trees to climb anymore. Taking care of the planet for the future generations is a must. 
  3. Protecting the animal kingdom
    As of 2020, more than 16,000 plant and animal species are considered to be at risk of extinction. This is caused by loss of their habitat and poaching and hunting in the wild. People exploit these animals and do anything just to be able to earn money. If people make an effort to ban hunting and limit deforestation, then the animals won’t suffer. A time will come when your great-grandchildren will wonder what a white rhino looks like and they will never be able to see it in person. 

Improving your physical health
Humans aren’t built to live in the middle of the smoke, trash, and other forms of pollution. People are prone to illnesses when they are exposed to things like this. If people take care of the earth and choose eco-friendly lifestyles, then everyone will benefit as well.

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