Maharashtra Solar: Alternative energy sources

The climate is changing for the worst in the last couple of years and this is largely affected by the energy that we use. Luckily, alternative sources of energy were introduced to bring down the cost of power generation and deliver clean energy for the future of our planet. Solar and wind generation are two alternative sources of energy that are breaking records and proving themselves as a cheap energy source for the electricity grid without compromising reliability.

Aside from wind and solar, other alternative energy sources can help displace the effects of dirty fossil fuels in the power sector. These sources have lower carbon emissions creating less pollution in the air. Take a look at the list of renewable energy sources below and take part in creating a better world! 

  1. Hydrogen gas

Hydrogen is among the only natural gas that can act as a clean-burning fuel. It only emits water vapour and warm air so there is no major environmental issue caused by this alternative energy source. The only downside of this gas is that it is extracted from fossil fuels so the emissions created in producing it counteracts its use for the environment. Currently, research is being made to find ways to make this source more efficient and cost-effective, but until then, we advise finding other alternatives.

  1. Tidal energy 

Tidal energy combines the logic behind both hydroelectricity and wind turbines. It uses the pressure from the water to create energy. This is believed to work best for powerplants that are near the pacific or any body of moving water. 

According to a report in the UK, tidal energy could meet as much as 20% of the energy demand in the UK, which is a big deal when it comes to reducing carbon emission in the country. 

It is a fairly new discovery so there is still a lot that needs to be researched for this alternative. The best use of this energy is through tidal stream generators that use the kinetic energy from the ocean to power its turbines. 

  1. Wind energy 

This kind of energy generation is one of the most popular alternative energy sources in the last couple of years. It offers almost the same benefits and efficiency as burning fossil fuels but it has no negative effects on the environment. 

The current wind energy installations in the US can power roughly twenty million homes in the country. Investment in wind energy plants continues to grow. Experts hope that by the end of 2023, all energy sources will be replaced by wind energy and other alternative energy sources. 

  1. Geothermal energy 

Geothermal energy is all about extracting energy from the ground which comes in the form of water or steam below the surface of the earth. It presents a massive potential while doing very little to disrupt the land. However, the cost of creating geothermal power plants led to the slower adoption of this energy source.      

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