Maharashtra Solar: Benefits of a solar home

Live a sustainable and green life by having a solar-run home. Find out all about the benefits here at Maharashtra Solar. The first reason to have a solar powered home is obvious. It will save you tons of money on your energy bills!

In fact, you will hardly notice the cost of operating your home since it will be so efficient. You see, instead of spending $1,000 per month on electric bills, you will spend perhaps 20¢ (at most) per day. If you live in an average home and use about 1,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) per month, that means you will pay approximately $120 per year to operate your home. Compare this with what you would have paid otherwise… if your home wasn’t solar powered! You see, according to the US Department of Energy, the annual electric bill for a non-solar powered home is typically between $300 and $900 per year… or… between $3,600 and $11,400 more than what it would have been if your home was solar powered! So, getting your home solar powered will result in substantial monthly savings which you won’t even notice… plus… you get all the other benefits which are described below. Another thing you should know is, when it comes to energy, the sun doesn’t care whether you live in a sunny location or not. If anything, living in a cold climate will be an advantage to you. Why?

Second because it saves energy. When you use power from the sun instead of using conventional electricity, you can drastically reduce your monthly utility bills. This can translate to huge savings over a period of time. Also, the process of creating solar power is extremely environmentally-friendly. When you use solar energy, there is no emission of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide or any other pollutant into the atmosphere. That means, you get to enjoy all the health benefits that are associated with cleaner air.

Secondly, having a solar powered home makes economic sense. If you compare the cost of going solar to the amount of money you would have otherwise had to spend on utility bills, you will find going solar is definitely the more cost-effective option. Once again, this is true because you are not only reducing your utility expenses, you are also creating an income which you can use for any purpose you choose.

The third reason to have a solar-powered home is because it improves your quality of life. When you use solar energy, you never have to worry about running out of electricity again. This means, you will always have the lights and appliances working for you whenever you need them. You don’t have to keep a pile of coal, oil or gas in reserve either.

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