Maharashtra Solar: Top small solar equipment

Maharashtra Solar: Top small solar equipment

Small solar power systems are a great way to start incorporating environmentally friendly applications into your home. Since these are less bulky, you can also use them for travelling. Here are some of the best solar panel model in the market:

X-Dragon Solar Charger

This solar equipment features reputable Sunpower solar cells with an efficiency of 22-25%. This charger is designed to provide optimal power by automatically adjusting its current and voltage. 

Since this solar charger is small, it is an ideal item for travellers as it can easily fit in a regular backpack. Despite its size, the X-Dragon Solar Charger can store enough energy to power multiple gadgets. 

  • Power: 40 Watts
  • Type: Portable
  • USB connections
  • Charges phones, laptops, other small devices

Renogy Solar Starter Kit

With an efficiency rating of 18.4%, this solar kit has a special function that allows it to collect power even during cloudy days. The panels are covered with an aluminium frame that prevents corrosion which makes it the perfect equipment for outdoors.

  • Power: 50 Watts
  • Type: Off-Grid
  • Comes in full kit
  • High efficiency 

Windy Nation Off-Grid

This kit comes with a deep cycle battery and a charge controller. This model supports upgrades through additional solar panels for higher power output. Multiple safety features are also included to prevent short circuits, overload and reverse polarity.

  • Power: 100 Watts
  • Type: Off-Grid
  • Comes in full kit
  • May be used in boats

Grape Solar GS-300

This kit comes with a charge controller, inverter and cables that are easy to install. The solar panels are equipped with an aluminium frame that protects them from different weather conditions. If you want to expand the system for higher power output, you can simply upgrade with additional solar panels.

  • Power: 300 Watts
  • Type: Off-GridEasy to set-up 
  • High efficiency
  • Multiple safety features
  • USB ports on inverter

Renogy 3600W Cabin Solar Kit

This kit has the safest charge controller, as tested by many solar panel users. It is designed to automatically shut itself off when problems are detected by the system to prevent possible fire accidents. 

Moreover, this model has a battery temperature sensor to avoid overheating. The Renogy 3600W supports upgrades of additional solar panels and has a voice-guided help system to ensure that you can properly install the equipment even without extra help.

  • Power: 3,600 Watts
  • Type: Off-Grid
  • Multiple safety features
  • High efficiency 
  • 12 x 310 Watt panels
  • Performs well in low light conditions
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions

Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Kit

Instead of the ordinary deep cycle battery, Gola Zero Yeti 1250 features a special generator that can be charged from a wall outlet, a car battery or another solar power. Similarly, this solar generator allows you to charge your devices using an AC inverter, a 12-Volt output and 3 USB outlets. 

With its versatility, this generator kit provides you with convenience and high power output.

  • Power: 1,250 Watts
  • Type: Off-Grid
  • Comes in full kit
  • High efficiency

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