Maharashtra Solar: Solar panel maintenance tips

Did you recently get your solar panels installed? Here’s how you can maintain it and keep it working for years. Always remember that a little care can go a long way when it comes to solar panels since this system can be sensitive. Moreover, proper maintenance can help you save huge bucks from costly repairs that you will encounter down the road if you don’t take care of your panels. 

If it’s your first time owning solar panels, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep yourself well-versed in the care and maintenance of this technology. Take a look at the maintenance checklist below and we’ll give you tips on how you can keep your solar panels functioning without a hitch.

Solar panel care 101

Solar panels are unique systems that can work with limited maintenance and withstand extreme weather conditions. However, it also helps to keep a regular maintenance routine to keep your panels working for a long time. Take a look at our maintenance tips below:

  • Watch for dirt and debris build-up 

You don’t need to clean panels every day. However, it helps to remove the dirt and debris at least once a month so the panels can capture solar energy better. Consider investing in long-handled brooms to sweep stubborn dirt in your panels. Don’t attempt to climb the roof where your panels are installed to avoid accidents. 

  • Look  out for rack and roof penetrations 

The racking in your solar panels ensures that it is properly mounted on the surface of your roof while penetration bolts hold the weight of your panels. This ensures that there is structural soundness to your solar panel system. 

Although rare, there are cases where the bolts become loose and the panels become a little shaky with minimal leaks. Do not attempt to fix it on your own and call the manufacturers. This kind of problem is usually covered in the warranty so you don’t have to worry about paying large amounts for a quick fix! 

  • Check the panels after severe weather 

If you experience a bad storm, tornado or hurricane in your area, we strongly advise checking on your panels since these extreme weather conditions can damage the surface of your panels. 

The most common problem you can observe on your panels after a bad weather is a broken glass. Although the glass serves more as a cosmetic tool on your panels, it can still affect the performance of your solar cells. Make sure that you contact a repair company once you notice any damage to your panels. 

  • Monitor system 

Most modern solar panels have an in-app monitoring system where you can check the performance of each panel on your mobile device. Monitoring your solar panels regularly can help you keep track of what needs to be repaired and which panels aren’t working properly. Moreover, it will provide you with data on the output that your panels are generating so you can allocate the energy properly. 

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