FAQ: Frequently asked questions

What is age limit for participating in this program?

Child between 5-16 years age are suitable for this program. This program will list your story on Google and Apple podcast and it will stream globally.

How do i participate in this program?

Once you register with us you are onboard. You just need to record your child story using mobile phone and email us to tendertalk2020@gmail.com. We will review and do the remaining process to list your story on Google and Apple podcast. We will update you via email on progress.

What if i am unable to record story? Will you help me ?

We believe that every child has a Story. We will happy to assist you incase you need any help in recording your story. Recording your Story is as easy as Eating Cookies. 4 easy steps to Record your story:​1.Write your own story or any past experience/moments which you have enjoyed 2.Read it loudly for 2-3 times 3.Open any recording app from mobile and record your story in a silent place without background music 4.Save recorded file and email us to tendertalk2020@gmail.com. Mention your kid’s name and location​

How do I reach you for any help?

Please email us with your query to tendertalk2020@gmail.com. We will be happy to assist with your query.

When will my story will get listed on Apple and Google? When i get ebook and certificate?

As soon as you send your story to us we will start processing it. We will notify you once your story get published on Google and Apple podcast 3-4 business Days.

You will be qualify for bonus award as soon as you Register with us and we will mail you eBook immediately.

Once your story is listed on Google and Apple podcast we will send you Certificate.

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