Off Grid Solar System


Off Grid Solar Systems with battery back up:

  • An off-grid solar system is more popular and comes with a power backup. It works independent of the grid. Almost all the home appliances such as AC, TV, Fridge, Cooler, Pump, LED Lights, Fan, Tube Lights etc. can work through this system. For an instance, a 1Kw off grid solar system is sufficient for a small house with LED/ Tube light, fans, TV & Cooler
  • For Setups like Shop, Small factory, School, Nursing Home, Hostel, Hotel one can go for 5 Kw to 10 Kw off-grid solar system.
  • It is the most common type of solar power system with power backup through its batteries. It works in day and night both, during the day, solar panel charges the battery and runs the home appliances simultaneously, the loads such as Air Conditioner, Television, Fridge, Cooler, Pump, LED Lights, Fan, Tube Lights, Motor Pumps etc. At night, when the sun is not available, Inverter runs your home appliances using the battery power.
  • The Back up depends upon the load running on in it, lesser the load higher the back up (in Hours), hence we recommend to use only loads which are essential.

  • Advantage: No dependency on government electricity power


Luminous 850VA Off Grid Solar System

running load

Up to 500 watts of power with combination of –  3-5 Led lights, 1-2 Ceiling Fans, 1 Television + 1 Laptop/Mobile Charging

backup time (Approx)


300 W – 3 Hours

200 W – 5 Hours

100 W – 10 Hours


1. Luminous Inverter 850VA (1 Nos.)

2. Luminous Battery 120Ah (1 Nos.)

3. Solar Panels 12V Min 250W

Installation & Delivery Available

Luminous 1KVA Off Grid Solar System

running load

Up to 650 watts of power with combination of –  3-5 Led lights, 2 Ceiling Fans, 10 LED Lights, 1 Television + 1 Laptop/Mobile Charging

backup time (Approx)


500 W – 2 Hours

400 W – 3 Hours

300 W – 4.5 Hours


1.Luminous Inverter NXG 1100VA (1 Nos.)

2.Luminous Battery 150Ah (1 Nos.)

3.Solar Panels 12V Min 300W

Installation & Delivery Available

Luminous 1KW Off Grid Solar System

running load

Up to 1200 watts of power with combination of –  15 Led lights, 4-5 Ceiling Fans, 2 Television, 1 Refrigerator, 1 Laptop/Mobile Charging

backup time (Approx)


800 W – 2 Hours

500 W – 4 Hours

400 W – 6 Hours


1. Luminous Inverter 1500 VA (1 Nos.)

2. Luminous Battery 150Ah (2 Nos.)

3. Solar Panels 24V Min 320W (3 Nos.)

Installation & Delivery Available

Luminous 2KW Off Grid Solar System

running load

Up to 1600 watts of power with combination of –  15 Led lights, 6 Ceiling Fans, 2 Television, 1 laptop, 1 printer

backup time (Approx)


300 W – 3 Hours

200 W – 5 Hours

100 W – 10 Hours


1. Luminous Inverter 2KW (1 Nos.)

2. Luminous Battery 150Ah (4 Nos.)

3. Solar Panels 24V Min 320W (6 Nos.)

Installation & Delivery Available

How to Install Off Grid System?

For Installing an Off Grid System with battery bank, you may approach us or do it yourself. can use the services of an EPC installer or can do-it-yourself. 

Here are the simple steps to install Off Grid Solar System:

Step – 1: Solar Panel Installations
Step – 2: Electrical Wiring from Solar Panels to Inverter & Its connection
Step – 3: Connecting Solar Inverter and Solar Battery 
Step – 4: Connecting Solar Inverter and Grid 
Step – 5: Start Solar Inverter, this will now work on Solar & Grid
Step – 6: See below videos for features & Installations

Looking for Greater systems?

We offer Off Grid Solar Systems in three categories, the categories are described below:

  1. Small Systems (Up to 2 Kw)
  2. Medium Systems (3 Kw to 10 Kw)
  3. Large Systems (>10 Kw)

    Other Brands we provide?

    We provide Off Grid & Hybrid Systems complete Solar Kits and the brands that we use & recommends are:

For setting up Small Off Grid systems up to 2 Kw, we use & recommend Solar Inverters of Luminous, Microtek, Kirloskar & UTL and Solar Batteries of Luminous, Okaya, Exide which comes with 36 Months & 60 Months Warranty in 12V Voltage and Solar panels of Vikram, Waaree, Adani and Kirloskar

For large systems, we use & recommend Solar Inverters of UTL, Statcon Energiaa, Enertech & Consul Neowatt and Solar Batteries of NED, Southern Batteries, HBL, Exide which comes with 36 Months & 60 Months Warranty in 2V Battery Cells and Solar panels of Vikram, Waaree, Adani, Panasonic, Kirloskar, REC Solar, Jinko Solar, Trina Solar

Man worker in the firld by the solar panels

Maharashtra Solar: How does the off-grid system work

For the past few decades, the earth has slowly begun to deteriorate because of us humans. New technologies and inventions continue to require materials from natural sources and manufacturers take whatever they can. In the animal kingdom, people also kill endangered species for their body parts or to sell them for food. 

As of now, the state of mother nature continues to decline and we must do our part to restore it to its former glory. Nowadays, the electricity industry also has the same problem. Electricity use promotes carbon dioxide and fossil fuel emissions. You can help combat this by installing solar panels. 

Here at Maharashtra Solar, we believe that everyone should do their part to save the environment. You will have no problems making power in your home while being environment-friendly at the same time. When you have solar panels and other equipment, you will have a home fit for the future. Other benefits of solar panels include lower costs, less maintenance and a 20-15 year lifespan.

When you choose to buy solar panels and equipment, there are different types of systems to choose from. As the name suggests, our off-grid system is completely independent of any other lines and can work on its own. All you need to do is hook up the solar panels, and once they start generating electricity from the sun, you will be able to power almost anything in your house. The amazing thing about this system is that you have your own electricity and won’t rely on others. If there happens to be a blackout, you will be covered because of the sturdy solar panels. Take a look at some of the features of an off-grid system:

  • An off-grid system comes with a power backup system
  • You can power almost any appliance in your home such as refrigerators, TVs, lights, and more. 
  • This system is ideal for small businesses and facilities
  • The panels work both during the day and night
  • The backup power depends on the load running inside it 
  • You will never have to depend on local electricity again

The Solar Kit and other brands

Aside from the equipment and full solar panels, you can also get our special solar kit. This piece of machinery has everything you need to install the solar panels on your roof and more. Aside from the standard package, we will also provide you with extra equipment and features to help make your solar panels even better. This kit includes tools and wires to help you work on the panels on your own. If you are satisfied with the solar kit, you can convince your friends and family to get it as well. You can even give it as a gift to a loved one. Here at Maharashtra Solar, we are all about being sustainable and spreading the word for others to hear. 

Even though we pride ourselves on coming up with these systems, we couldn’t have done it without our partners. Maharashtra Solar worked with several companies to ensure that our efforts will be successful. These are local and international brands who dedicated their time and effort in helping us. Take a look at some of our partner brands: 

Renew SysSMATrina SolarGoodwe
Vikram SolarWaareeFroniusSolax Power
Polycab SolarHavellsPolycab Wires and CablesSiechem Wires and Cables

Our special program for kids

Our company also has a special program that will help others understand why we need to save the earth. We believe that children are the future of this planet and they must be reminded to take care of their home. This is why we have launched a program that creates podcasts to be posted on Google and Apple platforms. This program is open for children ages 5-16 and who have a story to share about their beautiful encounters with mother nature. In order to enter the program, all you need to do is record a story. Take a look at the steps below: 

Step 1 – Reflect and write your own story about the environment and how you enjoyed it

Step 2 – Read it loudly for 2-3 times and prepare for it to be recorded

Step 3 – Open an app on your phone and record yourself telling the story

Step 4 – Remember to choose a place that is quiet and has no background noise

Step 5 – When you are done, send the recording to 

Step 6 – Sit tight and wait for us to get back to you with updates and instructions

Why we need to protect the environment

Nowadays, everyone is obsessed with the idea of technology and the arrival of cool inventions. They neglect to remember why and how these items were made available in the first place. Humans get everything they need from natural resources such as wood, oil, plants, and more. These are used to make anything from metal equipment, houses, buildings, and even electricity. Humans don’t understand the danger they are putting themselves in by continuously harming the environment. We need to turn things around and make the world a better place for the future generation. 

The environment must be protected because it’s the only one left. Humans can always make more smartphones and artificial technologies, but there is only one planet earth. As of 2020, the yearly deforestation rate is at 10 million hectares, which means that millions of trees are cut off every year for the benefit of humans. If people don’t make an effort to stop these harmful acts, the world will soon deteriorate as we know it. Trees will become scarce and hundreds of animal species will be extinct. The next generation will no longer know what it was like to play in the sun, climb trees, and see extraordinary animals. 

Why we believe in energy-saving technology

Some people believe that solar panels and other energy-saving technology are a scam. In reality, this equipment was invented for the sole purpose of finding a more sustainable way of living. Mankind has brought devastation to the environment and those who live in it, so it’s time to turn things around. Take a look at some of the reasons why we believe in energy-saving technology:

  1. Reduce your electricity bills
    Solar panels and other energy-saving technology will help lower the cost of your bills. These equipment are environment-friendly and won’t break the bank while providing your home with electricity. 
  2. Increase the value of your property
    If you have solar panels and other sustainable options available in your home and you decide to sell it, the value will be higher than usual. There are a lot of people nowadays who are choosing to go green and they might be attracted to your natural setup as well. You can also take this opportunity to tell others about how important it is to generate your own energy. 
  3. Protect the environment
    Possibly the most important reason why you need to save energy is to protect the environment. The human race has done horrible things to mother nature and we need to do our part in turning things around. When you have solar panels and other means of sustainable energy in your home, you are playing a big role in protecting nature. 
  4. Improve the quality of life
    If you decide on natural means to live, your way of life will improve as well. Your home will be drier and well ventilated compared to other means of energy. If you have a growing and want the best for them, then energy-saving technology will be the perfect choice for you. You can slowly transition from regular technology and start to break into the more sustainable options. This will help improve your overall quality of life in the long run. 
  5. Save more money and earn returns
    When you first buy solar panels and other energy-saving equipment, it could be expensive. However, you will barely have to pay for anything in the next 20-25 years! The sun is the ultimate source of power and will help you save more money in the long run. You can even get financial returns when you share your energy with your community or other homes. 

About Maharashtra Solar

Maharashtra Solar is an energy and technology company located in the Maharashtra area in India. We have worked hard for the past few years to bring solar energy to the country and tell people how important it is to use sustainable energy to help save the planet. These panels can be installed on the roof of your home, your business and other facilities as well. For inquiries and more information, you can visit our website or contact us at Buy a solar kit today and start your journey in helping to save the earth!

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