Solar Plans

We offer variety of solar plans

Whether you want to Purchase a solar power system or Get it Financed, we have an affordable option that’s right for you.

You should have the freedom to choose when it comes to your power bill. That’s why we designed two different solar plans with flexible payments and rates. You choose how to save and when to save, and we take care of the rest.


Buy solar panels outright and see immediate monthly savings on your power bill

​System Owner

  1. No monthly payments
  2. 05 Years of free Maintenance
  3. Product & workmanship warranty
  4. Pay upfront cost
  5. Avail Net-Metering & Government Subsidy anywhere in Maharashtra


Pay for your panels over time with an affordable monthly payment

​System Owner

  1. Low monthly payment to financing partner
  2. 05 Years of free Maintenance
  3. Product & workmanship warranty
  4. Little or no upfront cost
  5. Avail Net-Metering & Government Subsidy anywhere in Maharashtra

Maharashtra Solar: Variety of solar plans

The rise of modern technology has allowed mankind to make all sorts of inventions and cool gadgets. It has also given people a chance to take the earth’s natural resources and use it for practical things. Nowadays, people tend to abuse the gifts of nature and take the riches of the earth. These include water, wood, oil, and even animals. This is why we at Maharashtra Solar believe in the power of solar panels and how helpful they can be in saving the environment. 

Here in our company, we want to make it easier for everyone to choose simple and environment-friendly choices for their homes. If everyone cares for the environment, then the world will slowly become an even better place. This is why we want to offer solar plans to help you choose the perfect options to help you get your energy-saving lifestyle started as soon as possible. Read on to take a look at our solar plans: 

Solar Purchase
(Buy solar panels immediately and see the monthly savings on your power bill) 
Solar Finance
(Pay for your solar panels over time with an  affordable monthly payment) 
No monthly paymentsLow monthly payment to financing partner
5 years of free maintenance5 years of free maintenance
Product and workmanship warrantyProduct and workmanship warranty
Pay upfront costLittle or no upfront cost
Avail net metering and government subsidyAvail net metering and government subsidy

Understanding our mission

Efforts all over the world to save the environment, such as tree-planting projects or animal conservation programs have sprung and multiplied. Organizations who house these initiatives all work towards one goal: to remedy and help nature recover from the decades of environmental abuse. Our company understands how electricity, despite its negative effects, has already become a necessity to society. That is why we decided to offer a more eco-friendly alternative in solar panels. 

These are a lot of options to help you save money on electricity and protect the environment at the same time. The costs of regular electricity versus solar energy are quite big. You will definitely save money, and the best part is, you’ll even have control over your own electricity. It can power different areas in your home and even provide you with power when everyone else won’t have any. Take the time to read and learn about solar power and how it can be helpful to nature. Soon you can try it for yourself and show your support for sustainable energy.  

About Maharashtra Solar

If you are interested, please feel free to talk to us about your options. Our employees are kind and will help you with everything you need.  Reach out to us at and start your journey to a better lifestyle today!

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